Our History

Pluscover has been operating since 2013 as an importer and distributor of flooring and wall and floor coverings, having quickly reached a benchmark for the sector, due to its high requirements in terms of quality and innovation. The daily coexistence of a multidisciplinary and intergenerational team allows diverse sensibilities, knowledge and experiences to intertwine and form a dynamic team capable of providing the necessary support to any request in an informed and efficient manner. We have a set of departments capable of providing support in the different phases of the project and work, combining the quality of our product with the quality of service and monitoring, forming a unique and global experience that distinguishes us in the market.

The Company

Pluscover's mission is to add value to an extremely competitive sector, bringing its own vision and philosophy combining efficiency, quality, and experience.

We believe in the utmost respect for the customer, and that respect can only be achieved if we consider the excellence of the raw materials we deal with and the material and immaterial quality of the products we create.

We always try to look around us, so that we can look for new influences, needs and paths that allow us to continue to innovate our products and services, always with quality and a sustainable conscience in mind.

Why Plus+?

Two perpendicular lines that cross and intersect, the convergence point of different directions and paths. The idea of two lines coming together and intertwining in one way, our belief that together we are stronger, that only through the crossing of knowledge and experience can we add value, wisdom, and capacity. It was from the floors of Jerez de la Frontera, our city, that the inspiration for our "Plus" symbol was born. A tribute to the thousands of perpendicular lines that cross the floor of this medieval city, symbolizing the idea of meeting and sharing ideas.